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Russian Leather 10ml

Russian Leather 10ml

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Memo is venturing into the northern realms where humans are scarce. An exposed and lofty space, where everything is intensely Russian. In this kingdom of bleak steppes, endless forests and icy plains, the boldness of plant life emerges in full glory. The stubborn fern challenging the tundra inspires a fougère accord that takes pride of place in the fragrance. 

With this travel size, your perfume Russian Leather will follow you on all your scented journeys!

Olfactory notes

  • Fougere accord, oil of rosemary, leather accord
  • Oil of basil, oil of edar leaf, oil of siberian pine needle, oil of coriander seed, heart of lavandin, mint, oil of nutmeg, oil of guaiac, oil of patchouli, tonka bean absolute, oil of clary sage, cypress absolute
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