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Goldfield & Banks

Ingenious Ginger

Ingenious Ginger

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    Transportive and Seductive, Ingenious Ginger offers an instant sense of nature in a blissful and sultry destination. A solar perfume of sun-kissed mandarin, spicy ginger, elegant white florals, and warm, enveloping amber that cascades across your skin.

    An olfactory imagining of the unscented torch ginger lily flower, Ingenious Ginger is an abstract citrusy, floral, and ambery perfume that expresses our Founder’s most beloved tropical flower, which grows in abundance at his holiday home in the wet tropics. This uplifting perfume opens with a burst of bergamot, amplified by the effervescent scent of ginger, the sparkle of mandarin, and the bright and sunny aura of magnolia. 

    Concentration: Perfume

    All our perfumes have a concentration of +/- 20% essences and are tested under extreme humid weather conditions. 


      • Australian Ginger Flower Accord
      • Bergamot Italy
      • Lemon Italy
      • Magnolia China
      • Jasmine
      • Rose
      • Mandarin Brazil
      • Sandalwood Australia
      • Patchouli Indonesia
      • Vanilla
      • Musk
      • Cashmeran
      • Amber


        • Solar
        • Enchanting
        • Piquant
        • Ambery

        Perfumer: Hamid Merati-Kashani

        About Ingenious Ginger:

        To create an accord to represent the imagined beauty of the unscented torch ginger lily flower, Goldfield & Banks has used an olfactory native material – Red Back Ginger – as the starting point for this accord, rather than deriving it from an extract. Together with bergamot, mandarin, magnolia, vanilla, musk, and amber, perfumer Hamid Merati-Kashani realised Dimitri Weber’s scented vision for this flower.

        With Ingenious Ginger, Goldfield & Banks is the first perfume house to explore Australian Red Back Ginger as an olfactory material and to add this complex native botanical to its all-Australian luxury perfume collection.


        Origin Red Back Ginger: Atherton Tablelands

        Ingenious Ginger is cruelty free.


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