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Jillian Dempsey



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You know those times you want your hair to have that cool, piecey thing going on? Like you were somewhere salty and windy—and your hair just looks great and textured? I love that. But it's not like we can run around the shores of the Pacific Northwest every time we want it. So I made something to fake it.

Here's what you do: Swipe a little on to your fingertips, and warm it up for a few seconds. Then grab a few pieces of hair—I like going in around the hairline and on the ends. Or really get in there and mess it up all over the place, twisting it along the way. That's how you get that gorgeous, ropey texture. And then...nothing. You're done, and your hair looks sexy as all get out.

We put it in a stick form to make it dopp-kit-friendly, TSA-friendly, hell, even front-pocket-friendly. This guy will go with you anywhere. There was only one thing we could call it.

Meet The Roadie.

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