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Rejuvenating Face Oil

Rejuvenating Face Oil

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If the skin appears dry and taut, it is often suffering from loss of oil and hydration and requires intense care. The Rejuvenating Face Oil restores the balance of the skin without aggravating it or clogging the pores, while strengthening the protective mechanisms of the skin at the same time.

Finely balanced ingredients in the Rejuvenating Face Oil provide extra care by strengthening the skin’s protective barrier and preventing environmentally-induced skin aging.
The multi-functional SkinDefence system works on the skin’s natural protective mechanism. It inhibits proinflammatory messenger substances and soothes areas of irritated skin. This relieves uncomfortable irritation and redness.

A special rose extract promotes metabolic activity in the skin cells and thereby improves the natural regeneration processes. At the same time, the extract strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and protects the skin from free radicals and environmental skin aging. It also evens out irregularities in skin tone. The skin thus appears more soothed and the skin tone more even.

The nourishing and simultaneously light Rejuvenating Face Oil restores the lipid balance of the skin and improves the natural protective mechanisms against environmental pollutants and free radicals. By reducing the reactivity of the skin, redness and irritation are also noticeably reduced.

The precious oils and multi-functional ingredients of the Rejuvenating Face Oil leave the skin feeling silky soft without feeling too heavy. The skin appears supple, smooth and even, and the complexion radiates youthful freshness.

Apply to face, neck, and décolleté mornings and/or evenings and press gently into the skin after facial cleansing and applying
eye care treatment. Apply additional skincare cream as required.

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