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Perfect Glow Ampoule Concentrates

Perfect Glow Ampoule Concentrates

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The beauty filter for every day – with instantly visible effect. Even if sounds too good to be true, it is in fact possible in seconds thanks to Perfect Glow Ampoule Concentrates. Delicate glow pigments and precious ingredients in the concentrate give the skin a picture-perfect appearance with a lasting glow effect and fresh radiance.

Whether for tired, dull skin or as a quick and effective beauty solution to restore radiance: the Perfect Glow ampoule produces a perfect looking skin tone and a radiant complexion.
A blend of Glow pigments and exopolysaccharides provides the glow effect. The exopolysaccharides help achieve a more even skin tone and give the skin a rosy, fresh glow. In combination with the Glow pigments, this effect is visually enhanced. It gives the skin a blur filter effect and makes it appear more even and radiant.
For more perfection, a blend of peptides and a fast lifting active ingredient provides an immediate effect. The Perfection Peptide moisturizes the skin and helps make the complexion appear more even. In addition, when used regularly, it supports skin regeneration and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. The lifting active ingredient supports the skin’s elasticity and makes wrinkles appear visibly softened thanks to the improved microstructure.

Perfect Glow Ampoule Concentrates act as an instant beauty filter, especially for dull skin, and produce a radiant complexion. They contain a polysaccharide that provides an additional moisture boost to the skin and a foundation for comprehensive skincare.

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