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Mountain Pine Bath - Mini 30ml

Mountain Pine Bath - Mini 30ml

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Gift yourself or a loved one this miniature bath soak, an indulgent way to soothe the skin and the senses. The ideal stocking filler.

Relax and unwind with the Mountain Pine Bath Deluxe Miniature. Designed in a giftable 30ml, this travel-sized bath soak features a blend of essential oils to ease away stress, leaving mind and body relaxed.

A blend of pine and spruce needle oil offers an immune-boosting effect, making it the ideal bath to help fight the early signs of a cold. This relaxing bath oil is also great to use after exercising, to relieve muscle tension and re-energise the body in the winter months.

A beautiful sprig of pine also lies inside, hand-picked from the forest behind our production house in the mountains of Austria, giving your home or a loved one a piece of Bezau this festive season.

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