Les Royales Exclusives


CREED Royal Exclusives


White Flowers


“Crafted from luxurious hand-picked ingredients, White Flowers embraces its wearer with impressive notes of jasmine, geranium and rose. Many brides choose this floral-rich blend for their wedding day.”

CREED Royal Exclusives


White Amber


“A fruity floral, White Amber opens with notes of amber, vanilla, blackcurrant and green apple. Jasmine and benzoin make up the heart and the fragrance finishes with deep sandalwood, jasmine and benzoin — an ideal choice for a black-tie affair or date night.”


Sublime Vanille


“This soft oriental, nearly-gourmand scent makes a lovely gift for a milestone birthday. A provocative blend of vanilla and Tonka bean, Sublime Vanille is rendered mysterious with sparkling notes of lemon.”


Spice & Wood


“This woody fresh blend features notes of sun-drenched lemon, warm clove and aromatic apple that settles into rich cedar wood. A perfect scent for those who appreciate the finer things.”


Pure White Cologne


“Whether you’re starting new job or landed a big promotion, Pure White’s crisp citrus notes of lemon, bergamot, and grapefruit are sure to make an impression.”

Fragrances are available for a limited time only.  Purchase in store or call to order.